Biorefinery, heterogeneous catalysis, sustainable chemsitry.


The BIOCON platform develops biorefinery technology to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable circular bio-economy. Coordinated from within the Sels-group, world leading lignin-first technology is applied for the production of highly functionalized aromatic products and processable carbohydrate pulps from biomass. As a reliable partner in (inter)national research consortia and in bilateral or multi-partner projects with industry, BIOCON provides unique infrastructure and expertise, for instance to evaluate different feedstocks (i.e. wood, grass, agricultural residue, post-consumer waste wood) and provide demonstrator product samples for application testing (e.g. resins, polyurethanes, agrochemicals, specialty fibers, bio-ethanol,…). Currently, BIOCON is also developing an upscaling platform to bridge the gap between basic research and commercial application