Winter Course with James Clark

In the context of the Biofact project, a Winter School on Green Chemistry was organised with Prof. James Clark of the University of York (UK) as guest speaker.

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Press news: Cancer drug out of lignin oil

In cooperation with the research team of Bert Maes (UAntwerpen), the cancer drugs Gefitinib and Erlotinib could be produced out of wood. Therefore, analines were produced out of the lignin oil from the Sels group.

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Bio-aromates on Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

In October, the 18th Dutch Design week took place in Eindhoven (350.000 visitors), and GreenTech Park Brabant (one of our partners) could present there the potential of different wood side streams as substrate for the biorefinery. In a sustainable wood-made pavilion, the Dutch inhabitants could come in contact with our lignin based Bio-aromates.

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EOS article: Driving on wood

In the context of his selection for the Flemish PhD Cup, Dr. Ir. Aron Deneyer presented his research in EOS. He converted cellulose from biomass into naphtha, the major component of gasoline. With a simple and feasible procedure, he developed a promising and renewable alternative for fossil fuel production.

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Press news: Circularity of the chemical industry in "Focus Chemie"

Prof. Bert Sels' vision about the circularity of the chemical industry is written down on the second page of a chemical magazine of the newspaper De Standaard: Focus Chemie. He tells the reader about his vision of recycling materials and the transition from fossil feedstocks towards renewable ones.

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