EOS article: Driving on wood

In the context of his selection for the Flemish PhD Cup, Dr. Ir. Aron Deneyer presented his research in EOS. He converted cellulose from biomass into naphtha, the major component of gasoline. With a simple and feasible procedure, he developed a promising and renewable alternative for fossil fuel production.

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Press news: Circularity of the chemical industry in "Focus Chemie"

Prof. Bert Sels' vision about the circularity of the chemical industry is written down on the second page of a chemical magazine of the newspaper De Standaard: Focus Chemie. He tells the reader about his vision of recycling materials and the transition from fossil feedstocks towards renewable ones.

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Graduation ceremony of Bio-science engineering

At friday july 5, 234 students in Bio-science engineering graduated as a master of science at the KU Leuven. Many of them could enjoy the research and educational activities of the CSCE during their studies, and we're proud to see them graduated. Congratulations to all of you!

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Press news: Making plastic out of wood

PhD student Tim Croes had the opportunity to give a pitch about his PhD on the EOS website. Tim tries to seperate wood in its different components, for the valorization of each building block of the lignocellulosic biomass.

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Press news: Anilins from lignin-oil

In co-operation with the University of Antwerp, the Sels-group has created a process for the production of anilins out of wood. These are used for the production of several cancer drugs.

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Steven-Friso Koelewijn obtained his PhD

Stef successfully obtained his PhD in our research group. His research focused on the safety-driven molecular design of benign bisphenols from biomass, by implementing a concept of ‘safety by natural design’. More information about his PhD:

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