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  • 17-04-2019

Press news: Analins from lignin-oil

In co-operation with the University of Antwerp, the Sels-group has created a process for the production of analins out of wood. These are used for the production of several cancer drugs.

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  • 01-02-2019

Steven-Friso Koelewijn obtained his PhD

Stef successfully obtained his PhD in our research group. His research focused on the safety-driven molecular design of benign bisphenols from biomass, by implementing a concept of ‘safety by natural design’. More information about his PhD:

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Latest publications

Reductive catalytic fractionation: state of the art of the lignin-first biorefinery

  • 20/01/2019 - Tom Renders, Gil Van den Bossche, Thijs Vangeel, Korneel Van Aelst and Bert Sels
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From rational design of a new bimetallic MOF family with tunable linkers to OER catalysts

  • 02/01/2019 - Xuan Zhang, Jiangshui Luo, Kai Wan, Dieter Plessers, Bert Sels, Jianxun Song, Liugang Chen, Ting Zhang, Pengyi Tang, Joan Ramon Morante, Jordi Arbiol, Jan Fransaer
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Mechanism of selective benzene hydroxylation catalyzed by iron-containing zeolites

  • 27/11/2018 - Benjamin ER Snyder, Max L Bols, Hannah M Rhoda, Pieter Vanelderen, Lars H Böttger, Augustin Braun, James J Yan, Ryan G Hadt, Jeffrey T Babicz, Michael Y Hu, Jiyong Zhao, E Ercan Alp, Britt Hedman, Keith O Hodgson, Robert A Schoonheydt, Bert F Sels, Edward
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