As a full professor at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering KU Leuven, Prof. Bert Sels teaches a number of courses to both bachelor students as master students. In addition, some bachelor and master students carry out their first research activities in the lab of prof. Bert sels under supervision of a PhD student or Postdoctral researcher. 

Prof. Bert Sels is also an experienced promotor of PhD students, with over 40 promovendi. 


Heterogeneous Catalysis - Master's course


The purpose of this curriculum is to provide Master students in Catalytic Technology with a thorough insight into the conceptual and practical functioning of heterogeneously catalyzed industrial processes. Starting from the understanding of the molecular mechanism and thermodynamics, the students should be able to design a reactor and control these processes, which are essential in many sectors of industrial activity (such as chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and agro industry,..). 


Analytical Organic Chemstry - Bachelor's course


The course aims to provide the student insights into the principles and elaboration for the qualitative and quantitative determination of organic molecules in various matrices. 

Various analytical techniques are discussed in the college: 

- UV-, Vis-, NIR-, FT-IR, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy

- NMR and ESR

- MS

- Recent developments (UPLC-MS, MS/MS, TOF/MS, IRMS, etc.)

- Pretreatments of samples such as extraction and purification


Reactor Engineering - Bachelor's course



Industrial production and sustainability seminars - Bachelor's course


The course is intended to provide insights into sustainability aspects in the chemical industry. The complexity and challenges of a chemical production plant as well as sustainability metrics and principles of green chemistry are explained. Alternative scenarios and their quantitative evaluation in the field of sustainability are elaborated.

The sustainable business concept is then illustrated by a selection of invited speakers who explain the approaches in companies from the chemical sector.

Environmental impact analysis of technological processes - Master's course


Capita selecta catalytic technology - Master's course


Project Work Interphase chemistry - Master's course


Basics of Biological Chemistry - Master's course