Demonstration of lignin-first technology at pilot-scale


· 02-07-2020

Demonstration of lignin-first technology at pilot-scale

In the context of the international ALIGN project (CLIB), Fraunhofer CBP ( and our research group worked closely together to demonstrate the state of the art lignin first process at pilot scale. This upscaling collaboration has enabled the processing of multi-kilograms of biomass towards high value phenolics and a pure cellulose/sugar fraction.  These positive scale-up results are a positive indication for the bright future of the RCF technology.

We would like to thank the entire Fraunhofer CBP team for their help, hospitality and infrastructure. 


In the pictures above you can see the team working on the project (left) and the organic fractions after extraction which contain the aromatics (right).

The lignin oil that is flowing out of the reactor can be seen here