Press news: Sustainable wood biorefinery concept in Science

To reduce the Carbon dioxide emmissions on earth, the Sels-group is working on the shift from petroleum towards wood as substrate for the chemical industry. Some recent novelties are now picked up by the press, together with a manuscript in science.

· 17-02-2020

The study looks at the efficient valorization of lignin, one of the most abundant organic polymers on Earth. With a view to optimizing the use of this valuable green resource, the Sels-group has been developing technologies that convert wood-derived lignin into lignin oil to be used for the manufacturing of a wide array of chemical products. Replacing fossil-based phenols with renewable feedstock allows for the advancement of truly eco products and the significant reduction of carbon emissions. 

To demonstrate the application of the research, the team will now scale up the production process. The first test phase has already started.

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The munuscript in Science can be found here: